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 Don C Atikins, DDS Dentist in Long Beach, CA

(Native California dentist serving Long Beach residents for over 30 Years)

Dr. Atkins takes his dentistry very seriously, and works extremely hard to stay current with the latest procedures, materials and dental-related health issues. He wants the very best for his patients, and likes to say that he does for his patients what he would do for anyone in his family. He enjoys traveling, photography, and loves animals. Did we mention he has both turtles and fish?


  • Graduate of the University of Southern California, DDS
  • Graduate Pomona College, B.A. Zoology
  • UCLA mini-residency in Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Graduate of Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center
    • Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Residency
    • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Mini-Residency
    • Esthetic Diagnosis, Design and Communication
    • Occlusal Fundamentals
    • Diagnosing, Planning, and Sequencing Complex Reconstructions
  • Attendee Brian LeSage's Institue for Cosmetic Dentistry

Community and Professional Involvement

  • Volunteer dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD "Give Back a Smile" Program
  • Volunteer dentist for Donated Dental Services for indigent victims of domestic violence
  • Past Sponsorships of Millikan High School Programs
  • Boy Scouts of America Dentistry Merit Badge Counselor
  • Charter Dental Advisory Committee Member for Concorde Dental Hygiene School, Concorde Career College, Garden Grove CA


  • Harbor Dental Society
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • California Dental Association 
  • Orange County Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Watercolors
  • Freshwater Fish Aquaria

Dr. Atkins Notable News Mentions:

"If the parents are hovering over the dentist's chair, making comments such as, 'Don't worry, it won't hurt; it will be over soon,' the child feels that there is something to worry about," says Don Atkins, DDS, a dentist in Long Beach, CA - . Click here to read the article

Even migraines may result from a tooth issue, says Don Atkins, DDS, a dentist in Long Beach, California. And an issue like teeth grinding may stem from obstructive sleep apnea, adds Dr. Atkins. - Click here to read the article

What does one have to do with the other? "The floor of the sinus may be close to the end of the tooth roots," says Dr. Atkins. If sinusitis is causing tooth pain, a nasal decongestant may help. Dr. Atkins asks his patients with toothaches in areas near sinuses to try to breathe through one side of their nose and then the other. - Click here to read the article

“Fear of discomfort and pain can frighten people off from dental treatment,” Dr. Atkins explains. -

"The jaw joint is designed to chew food, not gum. The time you spend chewing food each day is much less than the many minutes some people chew gum,” says Dr. Atkins. - . Click here to read the article

“When a patient comes in reporting pain, since they just noticed it, they’re thinking it’s early on and probably no big deal,” Atkins says. “But when a dentist hears a patient complaining that they feel something, we already start to wonder if it’s a root canal or extraction type of problem.” Click here to read the article

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